Man In Space.

In Disney’s man in space it talk about the technology of Rockets. I believe that was made to help the masses understand appreciate what the scientists were trying to do and how they were going to achieve it. The main theme that arose was that of exploring the unknown worlds outside of our own and how we were to achieve that. My favorite part of the film was when they showed how rocket technology had been used many times in the past in cars, trains and even bicycles. On that small scale however the results were not that great. All the examples worked on the principal of newton’s third law. Ironically although the film was about America’s flight in space, most of the technology that was being used was formulated by German scientists, because they had the technology and blue prints. Apart from that, i really liked all the visuals as well as cartoons they used to explain how flight into space would be made possible. I think this gave people a better understanding of what was going on so that they would more likely support the project.


3 thoughts on “Man In Space.

  1. walkerc84 says:

    I agree with you about the reason of the film, to help people understand and get on board with space race. I particularly enjoyed the little animations that they used throughout the film, and how it seemed to show the process in simple terms as if to “dumb it down” for the public. I think they also put these highly intellectual people in normal situations to show that they were normal people just like the rest of the general public for the same purpose.

  2. I found the cartoons very interesting as well, however i like to believe that it wasn’t necessarily a dumbing down, but maybe an attempt to show anyone interested that it may not be as hard as originally thought. If you have an aptitude in this area, then I believe that Disney attempts to convince the audience that hey this is not only possible for them, but for you as well.

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