Past Expectations in the Present World.

The first futuristic invention that caught my eye was the “push button farm of the year 2000.” In 1958 it was believed that farms could be operated by the push of a button in a mere 42 years. It was a very interesting assumption and too a large extent I believe that it did become a reality in some sort. This was a foresight of mechanization. Today farms are basically fully automated. There are devices that can milk cows automatically and machines that can harvest crops with practically no man power needed. They may just need guidance by a human. In these persons’ thoughts, there was a foreshadowing of the mechanization that was to take place in society. It was even thought that one day humans would be able to control the weather. Though this has not blossomed into total control we can manipulate the weather in a way through seeding the atmosphere. These is a process whereby silver iodide is added to atmosphere in order to affect a cloud’s development to make it rain. This is only successful to the extent that there is some water vapor in the atmosphere already. Even this small advancement shows that the assumptions of what our present time would have been like were not that far off.

The second assumption that caught my eye was “Marriage 100 years from now;” with the ‘now’ referring to 1933. In essence it seemed people believed that in the future everything would be down to a science. People’s personalities and lives would be analyzed and through this analysis, they would receive the perfect match and perfect partner. They would get married to ‘Mr. Right.’ This to me is very funny as this assumption has come to pass today. The description, to me, basically describes all modern dating sites, especially the most popular ones of ‘E-Harmony’ and ‘’. On these sites you have to answer, hopefully truthfully, questions about yourself and livelihood and what you expect from your partner. After this you get personally tailored matches just for you based on the analysis of the profile you put forward. It essentially finds you the perfect match. The expansion of the internet is responsible for the emergence of dating sites as a way to take the stress out of dating. It made finding a love life simpler since you already knew how much you have in common. Many times people end up marrying people they meet on these sites and hence it fits the past assumption of future marriage pretty well.


2 thoughts on “Past Expectations in the Present World.

  1. walkerc84 says:

    I disagree with your opinion on the “Marriage 100 years from now”. Although you are completely right about the online dating sites being similar to their description, when I read the blog, it seemed to me that they were saying that these were going to be arranged marriages where they would pull two names out of a generator that compared the compatibility of people and essentially they were to be married. In the online dating scene, the people still have a choice. Then again this is just my interpretation of what I read, and I may not have got the right impression of what they were saying.

    • coltonrector says:

      I got the same impression that you did. I felt like they were not going to have a choice, it was “you and you date each other, then here’s your marriage date”. Whereas like you said now, we still have a choice. As you can see by certain peoples lifestyles they make new “choices” every single day.

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